What is Misfortune?

Misfortune is a single player online RPG, in which you find yourself lost in a strange city. The story unfolds slowly through a series of short unique missions and strange events.

How do I play?

Login, either with your facebook account or with a new account created in this site, and simply start playing. The game is self explanatory. If you think it isn’t, please let us know.

Is the game free?

Yes. The game is basically free. There are some premium content packs which are available for purchase, and it is possible to buy additional mission credits.

How do I save the game?

You don't! The game saves your progress between your missions. However, if you close the browser in the middle of a mission, the last mission progress will not be saved.

How can I help make this game better?

Share! The more people play Misfortune, the larger it can grow. Share your successes in Facebook. Tell your friends and family about it. Press the like button.

Gaaah! I tried all the doors in this stupid maze, and I can’t find my mission goal!

Oh dear. Did you look for the secret doors?

Secret doors? What do they look like?

We can’t tell you. It’s a secret.

Why pirates?

We think pirates are cool.

Why automatons?

We think automatons are cool. Even cooler than pirates.


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